Our research will bring positive benefits to patients

RNAi takes advantage of a naturally occurring mechanism in all cells that controls the production of proteins.  Our therapeutic molecules can be introduced into cells and control therapeutically relevant protein expression.  Unlike other drug modalities, we control which cells are exposed to the RNAi therapeutic which maximizes efficacy and safety.  Furthermore, the RNAi is highly specific to the therapeutic protein without directly impacting other metabolic proteins.

Relying upon the diversity of RNA repertoire and the uniqueness of protein RNA sequences,  RNAi therapeutics can be designed to manipulate any desired protein, vastly expanding the pool of approaches to treat disease.  Small, double-stranded RNA with human-compatible modifications are loaded into the RISC machinery which then mediates mRNA cleavage resulting in control of protein production. 

The Sirius team has developed an R&D platform to build upon and drive RNA medicine forward with improved durability, specificity, and clinical opportunities beyond our first-generation cardiovascular portfolio.

Sirius leverages its US and China infrastructure as well as proprietary technology platforms for the development of novel siRNA medicines.


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